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White paper on ESG investing by students of NMIMS Navi Mumbai campus 

Study covers trends of ESG investing in a fast-growing economy like India and its role to guide Government, Investors, and Companies to build a sustainable business economy

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●     Study on recent and upcoming IPOs finds FabIndia’s upcoming IPO as India’s first ESG-focused IPO due to its Environment conscious business model-based inclusion and sustainability

●     Study covers investment patterns in companies that focus on conscious consumerism across varied categories like home, personal care products, restaurants, jewellery, etc

Students of NMIMS Navi Mumbai Campus prepared a white paper on the increasing importance of ESG investing and its role in the investment decision of institutional and retail investors. The white paper, titled “Emerging Landscape of IPOs focused on ESG,” was compiled and submitted by students of BSc. Economics Finance.

According to the white paper, Fund managers across Global Institutional Brokerages, Banks and Sovereign Pension funds are assessing companies based on adherence to ESG norms. Over 80% of institutional investors have made it mandatory to include ESG in their future decisions. The investors are looking to invest responsibly and seek ESG compliance reports from companies to assess their long-term options on various parameters.

The study accentuates that ESG plays a pivotal role in the financial and fundamental credit analysis of a particular company. These factors measure the ethical standards and sustainability of investments in a particular company. Many investors evaluate companies based on ESG criteria while making their selection. Hence, this is a concept that is very important to companies. There is an increasing expectation that companies will adopt environmentally, socially and economically sustainable business activities.

The project also covered an extensive study of documents such as the Draft red herring prospectus (DRHP) of recently filed and approved IPOs. The white paper put the spotlight on the upcoming FabIndia IPO and cites it as a great example for the Indian corporate industry. Terming it India’s first ESG-focused IPO the report highlights several inclusive policies and sustainable practices of the company. The study finds that FabIndia enables and uplifts artisans, investors, and employees leveraging environmentally responsible and ethical practices.

The white paper states that FabIndia has preserved the traditional knowledge and utilised it to develop its products. The meticulousness and attention to detail witnessed in the handicraft products make FabIndia a responsible producer and supporter of rural communities. The company has improved its quality and capacity by directly sourcing from farmers and artisans. Hence, it also works toward helping women artisans find job opportunities close to their homes which helps them reach a large demographic across the entire country. 

FabIndia’s unique business model covers several ESG parameters and best practices which are done for the first time in India. The umbrella-category store brand has been practising ESG for the last sixty years of its inception by focusing on developing sustainable, authentic, and Indian traditional lifestyle products. FabIndia has created a differentiated supply-side community by engaging a network of artisans and farmers across India.

With modernisation growing rapidly, in the last decade, FabIndia has moved a step further by not only adopting modernisation but also acclimatising its traditional roots to this change. 

Congratulating students for the successful completion of the white paper Dr. Parthasarathi Mukherjee, Director of NMIMS Navi Mumbai Campus said, “Our students have done extensive research on a very relevant and future-facing topic of ESG Investing. Investors across the globe are aware of the financial consequences of sustainability-related risks and opportunities and factor the same in their investment decisions. This factor has led to increased investor interest and demand for ESG reporting, ESG ratings, and ESG-related products. We encourage our students to cover emerging trends as it brings them closer to the industry’s best practices.”

The white paper mentions that ESG attracts talent, reduces costs, facilitates top-line growth in the long run, and creates a sense of trust amongst consumers. It identifies a global trend where companies have become sensitive to ESG to achieve a competitive advantage, minimise regulatory interventions, reduce operational costs, and boost top-line growth.

Ms. Rakhi Raturi, Assistant Professor, NMIMS Navi Mumbai Campus, was the project’s mentor and guided students studying BSc. Economics Finance, namely Pavitra Kanakia, Vidit Vaswani, Janhavi Gangawane, and Aryan Khatri on the project.

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Campus 365 provides cloud-based seamless solutions to educational institutions 

With its ERP software and pioneering technological innovation, Campus 365 is disrupting the education sector and making education more effective and accessible

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Just as technology, and particularly the digital era, has disrupted and improved most major segments of India’s economy, education and training is also undergoing a tech revolution. Education Technology, more commonly known as EdTech, possesses the power to bridge the learning gap thanks to technology’s ability to eliminate geographical barriers. As much as digital adoption is the need of the hour, it is critical to retain a few unparalleled benefits of a traditional classroom setup such as group discussion, personalised support from educators and creating opportunities to work on peer collaborative assignments.

Armed with a mission to empower schools with tools that serve people in the most human, helpful way, Campus 365- an ed-tech start-up incubated by NASSCOM 10000 startup based out of Gurgaon, is providing cloud-based solutions to schools and colleges to manage and track their daily activities seamlessly. With user-friendly mobile apps to help students, parents, and teachers maintain the academic cycle, Campus 365 provides a 360-degree outlook to stakeholders assisting them in making productive decisions to escalate their progress.

“We all know that the introduction of EdTech is transforming the learning process in schools. Initially, technological abilities were not needed for students but these skills are now of much importance. Today, students should have good knowledge of online communication to attend classes, check emails, and submit assignments online and our school ERP gives our students a dedicated platform for this to make them future-ready. We at Campus 365 believe that technology is a powerful instrument that can elevate education to an advanced level, allowing students to learn and collaborate in new ways and we are constantly working towards it” said  Mayank Singh Co- Founder and CEO of Campus 365.

Campus 365 is India’s largest all-in-one app for teachers, schools, and coaching institutes to manage their online and offline classrooms in one place. This online teaching and institute management app helps users create tests & quizzes, share study material & homework, chat with students, take live online classes, record live lectures, teach using digital whiteboard, automate attendance, and much more.

Empowering 1000+ institutes globally, Campus 365’s mission is to enhance student learning by bringing innovation to education. Campus 365 partners with schools and colleges across the country to provide students with a holistic learning experience that makes them future-ready. The company offers a high-quality, end-to-end solution for every stakeholder involved in a child’s learning journey. Campus 365 tackles some of the most critical aspects of School management and reduces school staff workload. By doing so, the company ensures that school teachers nurture the young minds of tomorrow and that the school support staff enjoys using the Campus 365 School ERP engine’s superior apps. Campus 365’s innovative school management software solutions are aimed at providing the best of School ERP features and safety measures to school-going children.

Campus 365’s team is founded with a deep-rooted passion toward delivering value to not just schools, but to parents and teachers as well, who ensure that children are always walking on the path of constant innovation. Today, Campus 365 is used by schools around the world – from kindergarten to higher studies schools and non-profit schools.

Campus 365 has simplified the managing of day-to-day activities such as attendance marking, alerts through mobile applications, fees payment reminders, parent-teacher notifications, and holiday schedules. Every team member in Team Campus 365 has some experience in School and College Management Process and it is also one of the reasons why the company puts concerted efforts into optimising the School and College Management Software. Breaking complex software and making them user-friendly is the top priority of Team Campus 365.

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Study Australia successfully concludes the Study Australia Entrepreneurship Challenge

The winners of the SAEC 2022 are – Team Econominds of MITWPU University, Pune

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The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade- Australian Government agency) successfully concluded its Study Australia Entrepreneurship Challenge (SAEC-2022) in Delhi on September 23, 2022.

The winners of the SAEC 2022 are – Team Econominds of MITWPU University, Pune. The all-girls team has won a Student Tour to Australia, which will take place in March 2023.

Their theme was Circular Economy and Challenge question was – ‘How might we ensure that the clothing we wear is more sustainable’. The members of the team are Nishita Bhattad, Jasmine Mehta, Samiksha Joshi, Shweta Karthik and Muskan Kashyap.

The award is sponsored by Study Adelaide.

During this tour the winners will get a glimpse of the Australian lifestyle and will get the chance to visit and learn more about Australian education institutions and Australian entrepreneurship ecosystem and start-up culture.

The first runners-up of SAEC 2022 are Team Ekta from NMIMS, Mumbai. They have won a $2000 scholarship each, sponsored by Study New South Wales – which the students will be able to use towards the tuition fee for a full-time postgraduate degree program at any NSW education provider.

The second runners-up of SAEC 2022 are Team Glovis Rise from Lovely Professional University, Punjab who bagged a cash prize of $500 each, sponsored by Study Queensland.

Ms. Melissa Bank, Head of International Education Centre of Excellence, Austrade said, “Australia has always been a preferred destination for Indian students when it comes to higher education. We are seeing an increase in the number of Indian students applying to Australian universities every year. With the re-opening of borders after the pandemic, we are witnessing a constant surge in number of students arriving in Australia. The Australian government is committed to provide them the best-in-class education while also equipping them with necessary skills to facilitate their dream of becoming global citizens. Our goal behind setting up this competition was to help students learn about Australian entrepreneurship eco-system and its institutions. I am glad that all the participants were highly involved with this programme and we have been able to highlight the key differential factor that can make them an entrepreneur.”

The Study Australia Entrepreneurship Challenge was an initiative to engage highly-skilled students from the Indian higher education institutes who participated in a series of hybrid events, which were based on Ted X-meets-Hackathon. The participants formed multidisciplinary teams and participated in a two-week program showcasing the opportunities of Australia’s education sector and the Australian entrepreneurial and start-up ecosystems.

As part of the challenge, the teams created a 3-minute pitch video idea on the following challenge themes – Cybersecurity, Circular Economy, Digital Health, and Creative Industries. The participating teams also had access to mentors from Australian academia and industry who guided them in the development of their video pitches. They got in-depth understanding of their chosen topic during academic spotlights that were delivered by Australian academic experts, as well. The jury panel for the contest included Ms. Melissa Bank, Head of International Education Centre of Excellence, Austrade and Mr Sukhmeet Singh, Co-founder, A2P Energy.

In recent years, Australia has been a leading destination for Indian students seeking to study abroad, and it has progressively emerged as a preferred choice for many. Since the border re-opening in mid-December 2021 until 22 July 2022, over 260,000 student visa holders reached Australia.

Furthermore, the Australian Trade and Investment Commission’s “The Study Australia Industry Experience Program (SAIEP)” was launched for current Indian and other international students at Australian universities to enhance their employability skills.

More information about Study Australia and the support for Indian students is available at

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University of Essex Online invites applications for PG Cert Global Mental Health and Wellbeing

University of Essex Online courses are delivered by Kaplan Open Learning in partnership with the University of Essex

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The University of Essex Online is inviting applications for the October intake of the PG Cert Global Mental Health and Wellbeing. The course deals with a wide range of topics, including identifying and processing challenges which impact global mental health, as well as interpreting and understanding ethical policies for an international framework.

This course is designed with a specific focus on the critical perspectives of global mental health policy and practices.  Students will gain the skills and experience required to pursue a career as a mentor, coach, manager, mental health lead or wellbeing adviser. With further training, one could also become a specialist nurse, specialist mental health practitioner or health service manager.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded a certificate from the University of Essex – one of the UK’s top 40 universities (Complete University Guide 2023).

Course duration and delivery:  This is a 100% online part-time course with an indicative study duration of eight months.

Course content is delivered through a cutting-edge virtual learning environment (VLE), giving students 24/7 access to study materials, such as lecturecasts. This offers a contemporary and accessible way to interact with multimedia content and check understanding via engaging and interactive activities.

Application deadline: 20 October 2022 

Entry requirements: 

·       For the academic entry route, students must have an undergraduate degree from an approved institution, equivalent to a UK Honours degree, or a relevant professional qualification.

·       For the work experience entry route, students must have at least three years of work experience (voluntary or paid) within a relevant field, supported by two appropriate references.

·       As part of the application process, applicants will be asked to take a short aptitude test which is designed to evaluate their ability to handle the intellectual and practical demands of the course. 

·       If English isn’t your first language, your ability should be equivalent to an IELTS (Academic) score of 6.5. If you don’t hold an IELTS or equivalent qualification, the University offers a free online English test.

How to apply:  

Please visit:

Tuition fee: £3,945

Scholarship:  Merit-based scholarships are available based on prior academic achievements and work experience.

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